Vino Bianco da Uva Stramatura

This is the latest wine from our winery. It is made by withering the grapes for a long time on the vine and in the cellar, and then it ages in barrels for another extended period of time. Its freshness, acidity, and sweet notes blend together in perfect harmony, characteristics that make this an excellent passito to enjoy with desserts and aged cheeses.

100% Moscato

Vineyard of production:
contiguous to the winery

Average age of vineyards:
25 years

First year of production:

The grapes ripen and wither on the vines, and they dry further on racks in special rooms. Soft pressing, static decanting, and racking with selected yeast inoculation. Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 22 days, then racking in oak barrels.

Malolactic fermentation:
Not carried out.

In oak barrels for a long time, after which the wine is assembled in stainless steel tanks. It is bottled, then aged in the bottle at 14° C for a few months before release.

Tasting notes:
The Piculin moscato passito has a distinct varietal aroma with notes of honey and white flowers, acacia, linden, and chamomile. In the mouth it is warm and full, with sweet notes that contrast with a vein of acidity, delicate but evident. Its rich, strong flavor characterizes it as a meditation and dessert wine, and it pairs well with pastries, hazelnut or almond cookies, apple crostata, and strudel. Overall, the delicate acidity of Piculin and its slight notes of spice that come from aging in tonneaux also make it a good pair with aged, fatty cheeses or herbed cheeses.

Vino bianco da uva stramatura Piculin

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