Alta Langa Rosé
Alta Langa Docg

The rows of Pinot Noir span over twenty years of our company. The grapes we obtain from these vineyards give us the concentration needed for making a fresh, aromatic Alta Langa Rosé.

Pinot Nero

Vineyard of production:
contiguous to the winery

Average age of vineyards:
20 years

First year of production:

Soft pressing of the grapes to obtain the best part of the must, a 50% yield. After this alcoholic fermentation begins under controlled temperatures of 15-18° C (59-64° F) for a few days. Racking and aging follows, then tirage with the addition of selection yeasts and the beginning of secondary fermentation in the bottle, which it undergoes for 40- 60 days at 14-16° C (57-61° F).

Malolactic fermentation:
Not carried out.

In the bottle on its lees for a long time, followed by disgorgement with no added liqueur d’expédition.

Tasting notes:
To increase the range of “bubbles” is added the label of Alta Langa Extra Brut Rosé. The color is very delicate, bright and elegant. The perlage is fine, minute and persistent. At the olfactory level, the complexity of Pinot Noir excels, with fruity and floral notes with the white rose in relief, bread crust, yeast and candied fruit finally closing the floral bouquet. In the mouth the wine comes dry, direct and full. The elegant and fresh notes with good citrus scents are present and the olfactory richness is in full balance with the palate. Note the finesse of the bubbles, the mineral sensation and good acidity in the mouth that complete the taste notes of our Rosé.

Alta Langa Docg Extra Brut Rosé

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