Papà Celso
Dogliani Docg

The winery’s flagship wine, Papà Celso is dedicated to the memory of Celso Abbona, father of Marziano, who planted every vine in the Doriolo vineyard. The wine is exclusively produced with grapes from this vineyard. It is our most important Dogliani, made from grapes grown on vines over 60 years old that give the wine a pleasant balance between elegance, power, and harmony.


Vineyard of production:

Average age of vineyards:
55 years

70 quintals per hectare

Crushing-destemming is followed by spontaneous alcoholic fermentation using indigenous yeasts. It is left in contact with the skins in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature before dry racking and cold decantation, with transfer to stainless steel tanks. It is stabilized with cold temperatures in order to avoid the use of clarifying products at the end of the process.

Malolactic fermentation:
Carried out entirely in stainless steel immediately after alcoholic fermentation.

In stainless steel tanks for several months until bottling. Then, bottle rest at a constant temperature of 14°C (57° F) for a few months before release.

Tasting notes:
Rich and well-structured with aromas of red and black fruits, this is a balanced and harmonious wine on the palate. The light acidity and subtle tannins have hints of pulpy fruit. Can develop in the bottle for many years. Pairs well with first pasta dishes with ragù sauce, white meat, and medium-aged cheeses. Serve at a temperature between 16-18°C (61-64° F).

Dogliani Docg Papà Celso

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