Our wines
The fruit of our passion

Our wines
The fruit of our passion

We can’t say that our wines are better than others. Or that they are like others. So what can we say? That people who drink them like them – a lot. Their testimony is our business card for the world

Marziano Abbona

Good wine tells a story of work and of passion. It tells of dusty hands, boots dirty with the soil of the earth, harvesting under the burning sun with bent backs. But it also tells a story of the surprise at the aroma of its must, of the joy in a toast shared with friends, and of the pride in knowing that the wine lives on in the memories and emotions of those who taste it.

The wines of Marziano Abbona tell everyone these stories: The work in the vineyards and the scruple for high quality; the joy of rediscovering, year after year, the wine and its complexity of flavors and aromas of the Langhe; and the curiosity for new discoveries and more subtle refinements.

Every wine by the Abbona winery expresses its uniqueness through the wonder of its intimate and personal character. Because every wine contains within it a story – but every story should be accompanied with the right wine.

Red wines

Dogliani Docg Papà Celso

Dogliani Docg
Papà Celso

Dogliani Docg San Luigi

Dogliani Docg
San Luigi

Langhe Barbera Doc Casaret

Langhe Doc Barbera

Barbera d'Alba Doc Rinaldi

Barbera d'Alba Doc

Nebbiolo d'Alba Doc Bricco Barone

Nebbiolo d'Alba Doc
Bricco Barone

Langhe Nebbiolo Doc Garombello

Langhe Doc Nebbiolo

Barbaresco Docg

Barolo Docg

Barolo Docg

Barolo Docg Pressenda

Barolo Docg

Barolo Docg Ravera

Barolo Docg

Barolo Docg Cerviano-Merli

Barolo Docg

Langhe Rosso Doc Zerosolfiti

Langhe Doc Rosso

Langhe Rosso Doc I due Ricu

Langhe Doc Rosso
I Due Ricu

White wines

Langhe Bianco Doc Cinerino

Langhe Doc Bianco

Langhe Doc Rosato

Roero Arneis Docg Tistin

Roero Arneis Docg

Langhe Favorita Doc Valle dell'Olmo

Langhe Doc Favorita
Valle dell’Olmo

Langhe Doc Rosato

Vino bianco da uva stramatura Piculin

Vino Bianco da Uva S

Sparkling wines

Metodo Classico V.S.Q. Extra Brut

Metodo Classico V.S....
Extra Brut

Alta Langa Docg Extra Brut Rosé

Alta Langa Docg
Alta Langa Rosé

Alta Langa Docg
Extra Brut

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