A continuous search for new discoveries

A continuous search for new discoveries

We never made wine in order to receive good reviews, but to express the best that our land can give. It was a choice that rewarded us, over time

Chiara Abbona

The strength of tradition and the taste for innovation. The knowledge of our roots and the courage to take a new road. The passion of artisan work and the search for quality without compromise. For three generations, the Abbona cellars have made great wines of the Langhe, striving to express the most important emotions: love for our work, and gratitude that we live in one of the most extraordinary wine territories in the world.

The winery owes what it is today to the efforts and values of Celso, father of Marziano Abbona. He passed down his respect for the land, his meticulous, scrupulous work ethics, and his pride for his roots.

He handed down a heritage that Marziano Abbona and his daughters live intuitively today. Their passion and dedication continue to help produce high quality wines that are exported around the world.

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