The curiosity for the complexity of tastes and scents leads the work of Abbona wine to undertake a continuous and daily research of new discoveries and keener sharpening.

The Abbona winery was founded in 1970. Our house plunges its roots the everyday tradition of wine, a passion for tastes and scents renewing itself from past to future generations with a cultural patrimony evolving with the best care and devotion.

Our customers' support and approval to this concern induce us at the same time to a greater and greater zeal in improving our laborious and satisfactory activity.

The Langhe are based on soils of Miocenic origin of Helvetian type, composed by clayey marls rich in active limestone.
Its layout, looking like dolphin's backs, suggests a geometry varying continuously the exposure to the solar arc.
Sun, water and land are fundamental elements for the well-done success of a good year.

Doriolo, San Luigi, Rinaldi are names reminding immediately some of the most prestigious exposures of the Langa's territory, where a generous sun matches with an almost perfect composition of the soil.